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SHAPE YOUR CAREER PATHWAY FLOW will support you all the way

Whatever your role and career goals, FLOW’s unique framework guides and motivates you from beginning to end. Along your pathway, you’ll complete bitesize modules with short assessments. It’s training you can do on the move and, with quality-assured awards from Skills for Logistics, it’ll really take you places.

Your Career Pathway
Step 01

Each module contains 15-60 minutes of learning, coupled with a quiz-based mini-assessment. Upskill on the move!

Step 02

Most courses are made up of several modules. Badges from your training provider are awarded on completion.

Step 03

When you complete the required number of courses for your Stage, you’ll receive a Skills for Logistics Award and move up a level in your career pathway.

GET MORE SKILLS For new starters, middleweights, and the already brilliant

Courses are handpicked to deliver bitesize chunks of knowledge relevant to the work you do, or want to learn. Choose from topics across key roles within the sector or to complement other training you might be doing.

  • Pick a course from a wide selection of topics relevant to you
  • Convenient learning on your phone anytime, anywhere
  • Short micro-modules for fast, easy career progression
  • Confidence guaranteed with industry recognised awards


Forget paper certificates or writing your CV.  Your FLOW Skills Passport is a permanent online record, bringing employment history and achievements together in one place, and where your course progression and awards are updated automatically.

Too good to keep to yourself? Share your passport with current, or future, employers to really get your career moving.

All in one place

Badges, awards, endorsements and employment


Receive endorsements from employers directly into your passport

You’re in Control

You can choose to make your passport visible to others

FIND OPPORTUNITIES Search and discover with FLOW

Want new skills to move higher up the ladder? Or, perhaps you’d like a new role entirely? With FLOW, you can let employers know you’re thinking of a move, and be seen by businesses with new opportunities to offer individuals, like you.


Discover new roles from employers in logistics and transport

Looking to move on?

Connect online

Enable public view of your passport and watch employers come to you


FLOW lets you know when employers are interested

Finding my new job was so simple!

Don't just take our word for it; See what logistics employers have said

The search tool makes it easy to find courses relevant to you and the short lessons, that I normally do on my phone, fit well into my busy life. I’ve enjoyed sharing my digital passport with my employer, who has put me forward for a new role now.

Mark Gower
Warehouse co-ordinator from Southend-On-Sea

Are you considering a new career in logistics or transport? We can help make it happen