21st October 2020
The benefits of happy employees

According to a survey undertaken by a leading recruitment specialist among people who had left a job in the last 12 months, the main reason cited was lack of career growth opportunities.

Along with assisting employees with their work/life balance and offering competitive salaries, providing a transparent and clear career path can go a long way for employers who want to hold onto talented individuals.

Following a survey of training consultants, White and Mackenzie-Davey (2003) published the findings of a study to examine what makes employees feel valued by their employer. White and Mackenzie-Davey (2003) define feeling valued as a “positive response arising from confirmation of an individual’s possession of qualities on which worth or desirability depends.”

How to Feel Valued at Work

There are 2 sides to feeling valued at work.

  1. Recognition and acknowledgement that an individual’s qualities, including attitude or work ethic, and skills, are valued by the company
  2. Structures that help define our experience of the workplace, such as a clear path for career progression and employee prospects

A valued employee is a happy one. And a happy employee is a loyal one.

Here at FLOW Logistics Online, we know how time-consuming it can be to find and manage the right training for your workforce. What’s more, keeping on top of individual development requires time and often, expertise.

Let FLOW Take the Strain

FLOW’s digital career development platform offers a faster, easier way for logistics employers to find quality training for their workforce. Not only that, but FLOW leads the learner  through the pathway, incentivising and rewarding  progress throughout.  Employers can easily stay on top of individual achievements with access to the digital Learner Passport – an online permanent record of everything from employee history, training and skillsets.

To find out about FLOW Logistics Online’s courses, please email us today  

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