29th December 2020
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For the 2 million people working remotely, or in a mobile capacity, in UK logistics, consistent training opportunities for career growth  have been notoriously hard to come by.

In recent studies in the logistics sector, 60% of participants said their firm had no structured career plan for staff, despite a similar percentage stating that such a programme would be beneficial to them.

Lack of “career growth opportunities” is often cited as the main reason why employees leave their current role.  Here at FLOW Logistics Online, we want to fill the huge gap in the way the sector currently allows workers to develop.  And, it is on this backdrop, that our new career development platform was launched in early 2021.

Here, FLOW’s Founder, David Coombes, tells us more about FLOW.

What is FLOW Logistics Online?

FLOW is a new digital career development platform for the logistics sector. It’s aimed at learners across the industry who will benefit from technical and vocational training. FLOW’s modules have been designed to fit in around busy lives with the benefit of short, convenient lessons that can be completed on smart devices.

FLOW is a like a marketplace of quality-assured training content, delivered by established providers.  Employers can select the right training courses for employees, and then invite them to sign up.

Every learner has a digital Learner Passport that they take with them along their pathway.  It’s a permanent record of employment and training, including awards and modules completed. The Digital Passport replaces a hard copy CV and, should an individual want to switch careers, it can be transferred across employers within the FLOW community.

Who can use FLOW?

Anyone working in logistics and transport.

FLOW’s courses are perfect for people who are new to the industry, those who need a refresher, experienced professionals and lower management.

What areas do courses cover?

As well as training for drivers and warehouse operatives, FLOW will expand to cover transport management, customer services, finance, business improvement, and more: enabling ambitious individuals to progress from entry-level into management.


David Coombes, Founder

There will be leadership skills and some supervisory content in the platform as well.  It’s important that FLOW can help someone who, for example, is a team leader who would like to become a supervisor. We have a fantastic platform and we will bring in the right training providers, or colleges, to deliver fantastic vocational training.

 Why should employers FLOW Logistics Online for their employee development?

Employers want to develop their employees but are often constrained by time and staffing. Having a motived workforce means less movement and a more productive, efficient business and FLOW will take away the strain for them.

It will be easy for employers to find the right courses, the platform manages the training pathway for them and the Learner Passport provides a record of everything completed by the employee.

FLOW’s lessons are bitesize and flexible, and will deliver quick results for learners.  Employers will see fast improvements across the board.

Tell us about the pilot launch

We have big ambitions for FLOW, some of which I’ve already outlined.  We are currently piloting the platform with some large employers and great training providers.

Courses are limited for the pilot to help us iron out any bugs and garner initial responses but we are also offering them FOR FREE until the end of March:

  1. Goods Vehicle Driver Pathway – Road Skills Online (RSO): Professional Driver Foundation course where learners can access monthly modules.
  2. Warehouse Operative Pathway – System Group: Supply Chain Warehouse (Picking Goods)

We’ve had fantastic feedback from our first learners who are “really impressed” and have reported that the pathways are “easy to follow, clear and relevant” and believe “most people would use FLOW on a long-term basis”.

We are now inviting the following groups to get involved:

EMPLOYERS –  Sign up to FLOW as an employer business and we can help them upload employee profiles to get started. Remember, FLOW is free until 31st March

LEARNERS –  We’d love for individuals to sign up for the free pilot and kick start their career development with either of the pathways above.  These courses are perfect for anyone looking to start a career in logistics, or for those already employed and looking to gain new skills

TRAINING PROVIDERS – We are specifically looking for on-demand, digital training in the logistics sector specific to goods vehicle driving or warehouse operations.  Come on board here.

For more information please email support@flowlogistics.co.uk or call 0117 927 8800.


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